Roof Painting

When it comes to maintaining your property, your roof can often be  a part that needs touched up more often than others, especially in the NE where the weather can be a bit up and down let’s say.

Sunderland’s harsh winters and inconsistent climate can easily degrade your roof paint, particularly if it is not applied correctly. If you’ve noticed this issue, like most people, you probably sat at your laptop and started searching for‘Roof Painting Sunderland ‘, ‘Roof Paint Sunderland or ‘Roof Painters Sunderland. Fortunately, the team at Sunderland Painter and Decorator will be ready to complete any job.

If your roof needs painting, we don’t recommend attempting this yourself, as it can be very dangerous without the proper equipment and training. Our guys are equipped for the job and able to work at heights with no issues at all. 

We follow a strict process when carrying out a roof paint job

  • Replace broken tiles
  • Clean your roof
  • Apply primer (sealer)
  • Apply paint
  • Clear the site 

All of our work comes with a 10 year warranty as well.

If your roof needs painted and you’re based in Sunderland, then give us a buzz, we would be happy to help.

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